I'm Ready To Launch My New Life In Panama!

I'm ready to pursue my dreams in the world's #1 retirement and lifestyle haven.

Kathleen, please accept my application for membership in the Panama Circle today. I'm ready to join you and the many thousands of others who are already living their dreams in this beautiful little country with such an abundance of upside.

Become A Member Now
Become A Member Now

With my Panama Circle membership, I will receive:

  • Benefit #1: Free Attendance for You and a Guest Every Year at Our Annual Live & Invest in Panama Conference
    • Lifetime Value: US$15,950
  • Benefit #2: An Open Invitation to All Panama Circle Members-only Meetings
    • Lifetime Value: US$2,000
  • Benefit #3: Electronic and Website Access to All Conference Materials
    • Lifetime Value: US$2,000
  • Benefit #4: Two Hours Of Private Consulting With Our Panama Team of Experts
    • Lifetime Value: US$1,000
  • Benefit #5: Our Panama Starter Kit...and Every New Edition We Publish Over the Lifetime of Your Membership
    • Lifetime Value: US$970
  • Benefit #6: Panama in Real Time--The Panama Letter
    • Lifetime Value: US$1180
  • Benefit #7: Panama: The White Papers
    • Lifetime Value: US$196 
  • Benefit #8: Palanca...That Is, Your Personal Panama Assistant
    • Lifetime Value: US$10,000
  • Benefit #9: Access To Our Live and Invest Overseas Group Bupa International Health Insurance Policy
    • Lifetime Value: US$2,500 
  • Benefit #10: 1% Up To US$3,000
    • Lifetime Value: 1% Up To US$3,000

The value to you in your first year of membership alone is US$7,637.

Full membership in the Panama Circle is US$4,800. However, right now, during this limited period of New Member enrollment, you can arrange lifetime membership in our private Panama Circle for only US$1,800 down and 12 monthly payments of US$250. After those 12 months, that's all you'll ever pay... to enjoy not only every single benefit I've detailed for you here in this letter... but also every single product, service, discount, and perk we add to the roster of benefits in the months and years to come. Or, pay in full and enjoy a discount of a full US$300 (You'll pay only $4,500 when you purchase membership in a single payment!).


We guarantee that membership in our Panama Circle is the best possible resource available anywhere to help you realize every single one of your Panama dreams. Noother service or network of in-country support can compare.

However, if you don't feel the Panama Circle delivers on this promise, you can rescind your membership at any time. If you do, we'll promptly reimburse you for any term remaining on your membership. No questions asked.

The Special Reports and other materials you've already received are yours to keep, no matter what.

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Become A Member Now
Become A Member Now

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